Remove Micro AV – Best Ways to Remove Micro AV Completely from PC

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Micro AV has recently been introduced in the market as another fake antivirus program. As of to date it has infected a lot of computers all over the world. When Micro AV gets into a computer system, it can cause a lot of problems. A range of problems that is associated with the product include difficulty to load the Windows Features and inaccessibility of different programs. In some cases, the user may not even be able to access the Task Manager. However, this is on a case to case basis. Further, Micro AV not only creates a lot of problems for the computer but it can also steal personal information and very important files. Predominantly, the program also tries to fool the user into thinking that he/she should buy the product's upgrade to be able to use the program's functionality. It should be removed from the system immediately. The following instructions will provide a step by step tutorial on how to remove Micro AV.


What Is This Virus Exactly?


Since Micro AV is considered as a malicious application, it is capable of spreading malware infection throughout the system. The biggest problem is that Micro AV affects all components that it comes in contact with. It can cause malfunctions not just in one program but in multiple programs and eventually throughout the system. Users should note that despite its legitimate looking appearance, Micro AV should not be trusted. It should not be able to make its way through the system nor should its upgrade be purchased and downloaded. This will only provide hackers more control. Fortunately, there's a way around this issue. Read on to find out how.


How To Remove Micro AV From Your PC


Micro AV is just a really annoying software program at the end of the day - meaning that if you want to remove it, you have to be able to use the correct processes which are going to remove it from your PC. Using an anti-virus application unfortunately won't cut the removal of this virus because it simply won't be able to function (Micro AV blocks antivirus applications). This means that in order to correctly remove it from your computer, you first have to either manually remove the program or automatically delete its settings & options from your computer with the help of an automated removal tool.






%UserProfile%\Desktop\Micro AV.lnk

%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Micro AV.lnk


Recommended removal way

The best way to remove Micro AV is to use an automated piece of software called a "malware removal tool". These are pieces of software specifically designed to get rid of the virus you have on your computer, and work to get rid of all the parts of the program that has infected your PC. You can use a powerful antivirus program to completely get rid of the virus that you have on your system for good. This tool first shows you how to stop the virus running before deleting it completely from your computer.


You can remove Micro AV from your system by using the tutorial and tools here. You can Click Here to remove Micro AV from your PC for good.


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Remove Micro AV – Best Ways to Remove Micro AV Completely from PC

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This article was published on 2011/05/11