Protect Your Computer from those Little Hands

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Good thing about the recent version of KidSafe is that the program comes in a wonderful portable application format which you can carry it wherever you go. Setting up the program is not a rocket science and does not require any computer support as there is a simple program folder which can be placed at any convenient location in your computer and you can use it straight away. Since the program is new to portable application format, you do not have to worry about how to use it as this works very well on any system. The moment you start KidSafe program, your computer screen gets covered while you setup the program. You will notice two menus there namely Tools & Help. Accessing the Tools menu options requires you to setup a password which will be required to access the computer and its contents. You should click on ok to get started with the setup.


You will get three setup or options windows for the software. In the first option, you will be able to change the settings you might feel necessary for the keys or keyboard combinations, access to the task manager and so on. Since the Windows key is not among key combinations, you can lock it from getting accessed. You need to highlight or select the existing entries available on the right side to make changes in them. You can simply hover the mouse pointer over the yes/no option should you require more information on a particular setting to get the tooltip with a description. The second option window will allow you in choosing the most suitable KidSafe mode as per your needs. You also have an option of choosing a background of specific wallpaper in the form of .bmp, .png or .jpg format if you wish or you can also leave it blank to let the program use the default one. The drop down menu provides you with the KidSafe choices which you can choose from. The 3rd and last window is the place where you can setup a password for the program. Once you have done, click on the finish button to close the setup process. The moment you click on finish button in the options/settings menu, the program will get activated and the only way to getting into the system will be to supply the password you have set. If you want to unlock the program, you will be required to enter the password and click on the ok button as pressing the enter key will not work here.


If you've been in search of a good program which helps in keeping your computer safe from your siblings, you should try this software once and feel the difference without any computer help support.

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Protect Your Computer from those Little Hands

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This article was published on 2011/07/06