How to Uninstall/Remove Win Defragmenter - The Easiest Way to Remove Win Defragmenter

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Win Defragmenter is basically a rogue anti-virus program that claims to be a real antivirus and also looks like a real one. It is propagated on the internet using trojan viruses such as Zlob or Vundo. Win Defragmenter is usually carried inside freeware programs or freeware movies that many people download from the Internet. Visiting also non trusted websites (such as adult porn forums, warez download sites, peer to peer sites etc) is another major reason for getting infected with Win Defragmenter

How did I get Win Defragmenter?

Most of these infections come from drive-by downloads. Visiting unreputable websites will exploit security holes in your browser to install these programs without your knowledge. Make sure that the websites you visit are trustworthy. Before you click a link in an email, consider the source. Also, consider whether this is the type of message you usually get from this source. If a website tells you that it requires a certain video player or other application to view media, go directly to the source to download the media player . Open a separate browser window or a new tab and type in the the name of the website (e.g for flash player). Never install a file from a location you are not sure about.

What is Win Defragmenter?
Disguising itself as a system protection tool, Win Defragmenter is actually malware which is related to the Wini family of viruses. The program is most commonly found on European sites, and has versions including French, Italian and German program formats. Commonly, Win Defragmenter is downloaded by users looking for anti-virus software, and the program masquerades as a file necessary to view educational videos. Once the file is downloaded and ran, it immediately reboots your machine resembling antivirus technology.

With an interface that mimics many of the functions of modern security programs, the software is pre-programmed to find a set of security alerts which are hidden. Once the program runs on your machine, Win Defragmenter runs through what appears to be a desktop security program that finds only a series of files which the program itself installed. Displaying a series of false Windows Security alerts, the program then prompts the user to upgrade via credit card in order to remove the found security threats. The main aim of the program is to gain access to a user's hard drive in order to steal credit card information and issue incredulous charges. As a result, the basic operational threat of the program is to induce users to enter erroneous information, although remote updates to the program may lead to other threats.

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How to Uninstall/Remove Win Defragmenter - The Easiest Way to Remove Win Defragmenter

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This article was published on 2010/12/03