Exercises to make your butt bigger

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Are you fed up with having a flat/small or shapeless butt? Would you like to make your booty rounder, bigger and sexier? Have you tried exercies to make your butt bigger only to be dissapointed when you did not get any results? Do not worry, there is hope. You can build much bigger sexier buttocks in little time, if you only know how. 

If you do the right exercises the right way, your buttocks will have no choice but to grow and you will be amazed at the results.

Lets take a look at the reasons why some women do not succeed in building their buttocks.

  • Wrong posture could be part of the problem. If your body posture is not right a lot of strain will be put on the legs and the back and the buttocks will not be actived when training, walking or running.


  • Butt exercises are not performed correctly and thus the thighs are doing all the work instead of the buttocks


  • The wrong exercise program. An exercise program designed to tone the butt will not to make it bigger.  Exercise program to tone the butt and to make it firmer is not what is going to make it big. You need an exercise program designed to make your buttocks bigger.

So to succeed and to really get a big, sexy and well shaped booty you need an exercise program designed to do just that. Make the booty bigger. What is needed to make the buttocks bigger (same for any muscle) is to work against high resistance.

High resistance training will build bigger muscles, low resistance training won't. This is why weightlifters have big muscles and runners don't. Big muscles are needed to lift the heavyweight though it is not needed to run well.

This does not mean that you have to join a gym or have access to a lot of equipment or weights. There are plenty of great exercises that can be performed at home, using little or no equipment. It will not take a lot of time either. The key to success is to make the workouts intense and efficient. It will require a little effort, but wouldn't it be worth it? It certainly will, just imagine what your butt is going look like after few weeks. A lot rounder and sexier.

So which exercises should you do? It is more a question of which workout you should do. Certain exercises when put together in a certain order, will create a workout far more effective than if you just did the exercises on their own.

Also very important is that your workout routine needs to be changed every few weeks. This is because the muscles adapt to a certain movement and then they stop growing. By frequently changing your workout, your muscles (in this case your buttocks) has to adapt again and thus continue to grow bigger, rounder and sexier.

So you see, all you have to do is to get good butt building program and then start working out. A little effort is required but when you look at your sexy "new" booty you will both look and feel great, and that is worth a lot.


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Time to take action. I know a great butt workout, guaranteed to make your butt bigger and sexier in no time. Try it and you will soon admire your "new" sexy booty in the mirror.
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Exercises to make your butt bigger

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Exercises to make your butt bigger

This article was published on 2011/10/11