Content Development - A Step-By-Step Approach

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One of the three pillars that support any information marketing business is content. When you start an online business, you are probably going to begin with just one information product, but eventually you'll want to expand and be able to offer an array of things.

Some of your customers will prefer audio, some video, some text. Some will want to join groups, some like one-on-one coaching, others prefer to work alone. You will want to create information products for all of their needs.

Today I've got a web site that I call my "catalog web site." Over on the left side, it's got a list of all of the e-books I offer, my information products, and my continuity programs. Then over on the right, it's got my story. It's got me talking a little bit about who I am, where I came from, how I got into information marketing, and just introducing myself the way a friend would do.

My first information product was an e-book. I started out by publishing just one book. I put it online, and I sold it for a while. Then, my next step was to create a live seminar. So, that's a second category of information products-live seminars.

When I gave my first live seminar, I made a point of taping it in both video and audio. Then I took the tapes of the live seminar and published them as an audio program. In fact, the day we released that audio program my business doubled!

Based on that success, I then released the video tapes of the live seminar as a video program. Sure enough, my business saw another substantial increase. By then, I had four products-the e-book, the live seminar and the two programs based on the seminar, one in audio and one in video.

Then I started releasing more products. I created what is called a continuity program, or a subscription program. An example of such a program is one that deals with dating advice. For $19.95 a month you can subscribe to interviews with authorities on dating. You can hear experts talking about dating and relationships. They'll teach about how to be more successful at attracting the mate that you want into your life.

Getting into continuity programs this way really revolutionized my business. It allowed me to create content with the help of other people. That's something I really think you might want to do, too. It has a lot of advantages.

For one thing, making content in collaboration with experts gives even greater value to the customers. And besides making information products that are really valuable, it also takes a little bit of the load off of you, because you don't always have to come up with lots of new stuff all by yourself.

Another thing that having a continuity program did was give me a monthly recurring income. When you sell something for fifty or a hundred bucks, you get fifty or a hundred bucks and that's it. When you sell something for $20 a month, and it's recurring, you get that recurring revenue over and over and over. That's why some of these big magazine and newspaper publishers, like News Corp and Time Inc., have become some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world. Once they get a million subscribers, paying a couple of bucks a month, it turns into a huge, powerful business.

So to summarize, some of the main categories of content you may want to develop are e-books, audio programs, video programs, and continuity programs or subscriptions. You can offer live seminars, too, and they can be sources of new content for your other information products.

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Content Development - A Step-By-Step Approach

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This article was published on 2010/03/27