Becoming A Cad Operator

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CAD stands for computer-aided design. With the CAD design program, architects, drafters, engineers, and artists are able to create plans and technical drawings. Instead of using pencils, compasses, triangles, protractors, and other tools to draw plans, the program enables one to switch between the tools electronically on the computer. Furthermore, when a client requests for change in specifications, making amendments to the design can be easily done with the program, and then have them printed or programmed into the manufacturing system. Nevertheless, the CAD design program is a complex program which will require lots of training in order to master it and become a CAD operator.

For one who wishes to become a CAD operator, they will need to have interest in science, math, graphic design, and computer technology, and take courses for them. Starting at high school will make a good start as you will be able to sharpen your skills in the area so you can do well later on. Learning how to use CAD programs early will also give you an advantage to stay ahead of your professional courses later on.

To learn how to use the program, you will need to attend classes that teach how to use computer-aided design programs. These classes can be found in technical or vocational schools, and there are also many software tutorials available. However, to get a position as a CAD operator, you will need to attend college and attain a CAD degree, and acquire several years of experience using the program as precision and accuracy is important in this job. Mathematical skills are highly required because precise measurements are needed in this job.

There are all sorts of responsibilities that a CAD operator can have, working hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, and interior designers to come up with ideas and make the ideas work. They may also need to meet clients to gather information regarding the project, and then figure the details needed to transform the information into an idea, where they will create the blueprint for using the CAD program.
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Becoming A Cad Operator

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This article was published on 2010/12/29