5 Success Tips on Choosing an Internet-Marketing Training Mentor

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First off, let's make things clear "internet marketing is not easy". In fact most so called gurus will hype up there system as the most effective way to earn money on the internet. The fact is there are hundreds of such programs making the same claim, so how do you choose the best program to learn from that will be effective for you to reach your financial goals?

Let's start with my 5 Success Tips on choosing an Internet Marketing Training Mentor.

1. Get Your Mindset Right.
Before you can learn from any master you first have to empty your glass. What this means is that you have been conditioned to think a certain way for a long time and you have certain beliefs about money, work, friendship etc, so when someone shares a revelation to you that your belief is limiting you personal growth, you will have resistance. The best mindset to have is the old adage "I know that I don't know" and be opened minded to learn a new idea.

2. Read Personal Development books.
One of my best time investments has been to read "Law of Success" by Napoleon Hill. This book is the guide line or forerunner of his classic book "Think and Grow Rich". By reading and getting an understanding of how people who come together in harmony can increase each others energy and brain power so that their relationship can be prosperous. When you go into a coaching relationship with this understanding and cooperation, you will see good results.

3. Research The Online Reviews.
A good way to tell if a program is effective is by the noise that it makes. Such as the number of so-called scam reviews or recommendations you find on a Google search. If you see to many scam references then more than likely you have a system that only a few people have had success in. That may not be a bad thing if you can find some similarities in the folks who succeed and your own background or personality. Remember the 80/20 rule will apply in every organization. 80% of the money will be earned by 20% of the people.

4. Test Drive There System.
A few internet marketing program offer a 7 day or 14 day test drive for free or $1 so you can test there program out and see for your self what they have to offer you. When you get in the back office and are comfortable with the content, videos, forum posts ect. and you find some other support to help you then you are starting to build confidence. But if you feel confused and no one there to hold your hand, you may stay the trail period and maybe even a month or two but if you haven't made any money then you have to decide if this is for you.

5. Conversions = Commissions
After you have been with the program and have learned how to attract leads to your capture page and have converted them to real sales/commissions then you will want to ramp-up your efforts in the marketing areas you are good at. Keep in mind that there are several ways to attract leads so work with a few until you get good at it then master, teach others and launch out to learn some more ways to reach your financial goals.

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5 Success Tips on Choosing an Internet-Marketing Training Mentor

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This article was published on 2010/04/02